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All packages include virtual sessions either on the phone or using a conference call platform. In-person sessions are available, however, they are subject to availability. Each session lasts for forty-five minutes. All sessions incorporate an eclectic approach and include methods derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis, just to name a few.

Individual Package
$600.00 USD 

This package includes a four-week coaching package in which the client will have the opportunity to have a private, one-on-one, phone coaching session every week. The focus of the sessions is dependent upon the client's needs and are more therapeutic in nature.

Group Package 
$500.00 USD 

This package offers counseling in a group setting and utilizes a virtual format. The four-week Self-Love groups focus on the many opportunities that one encounters on their journey toward self-love. Additionally, other topics can be requested by group members.

Parent Training
$600.oo USD

 This four-week package incorporates Applied Behavior Analysis to assist parents to better manage their child's maladaptive behaviors. These virtual training sessions will provide invaluable information on how to appropriately reinforce desired behaviors and how to correctly manage aversive behaviors.

Couples Package 

This package provides couples with an opportunity to fine-tune components in their relationship. Couples will be supported to lovingly work through issues and also amplify what is already working successfully for them. Over a four-week span, couples are encouraged to grow both individually as well as together.
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